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 Official Rules

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Official Rules Empty
PostSubject: Official Rules   Official Rules EmptySun Jul 17, 2011 12:41 pm

1. No swearing or sexual harassment, these are both serious matters and if you are caught doing them then you will be banned for a certain amount of time.

2. Do not beg for authority on the forums. You will have to earn them by staying on the forums and being active.

3. If you are already a authority do not abuse. If you are caught you will lose your authority.

4. Don't complain about a Moderator unless they are not doing there job correctly or breaking rules.

5. Do not complain or make fun of Pokemon. This is a Pokemon Forum!

6. Follow topic rules. If you do we will give you a severe punishment.

7. No advertising! If you do the post will be deleted and you will be banned for 1 day.

8. No making backup accounts. If you do that account will be deleted.

9. Do not post in topics that forbid you to post.

10. No trying to hack the forums. If you do it will be a instant ban for a week.

11. Enjoy your stay and do not break the rules.

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Official Rules
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